Estimated Club Member Fees

Initial New Member Fee                         $60.00

Meals (per month)(in advance)*         $50.00

Dues (per quarter)(in advance)              $40.00

Assessments Currently in Effect 

Paul Harris Fellow (per quarter)-       $25.00

Minimum amount, can be raised if

Rotarian desires – $100 to Rotary

Foundation each year

Club Fee (per quarter)                           $10.00

Scholarship Fund                                   $15.00

(invoiced annually Club’s 4th quarter)

Note: Spouse nights and any

miscellaneous charges are in addition

to the above. They will be invoiced

the quarter following the event.


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*Rotarians with twenty (20) years of service

or 65 years old with ten (10) years of service, pay only for meals of meetings attended.

All other fees apply to all active Rotarians.